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2482 Series

2482 Series

4W Miniature Photomultiplier Modules

Applications: Photomultipliers for mass spectrometers, nuclear and medical instrumentation

  • 0.5kV, 1kV 2kV, 3kV and 3.5kV versions
  • Positive and negative polarity options
  • Remote voltage programming or potentiometer setting
  • Voltage monitor (current monitor available)
  • Screened metal case for good EMI
  • Flashover & short circuit protected
  • UL approved and CE marked
Electrical Specification
Unit Type (Footprint A) Unite Type (Footprint B) Polarity Output Voltage Output Current Ripple pk-pk Input Voltage
2482-15C110 2482-35C110 Positive +500V 8mA 5mV ±15V
2482-25C110 2482-45C110 Negative -500V 8mA 5mV ±15V
2482-151210 2482-351210 Positive +1kV 4mA 4mV ±15V
2482-252210 2482-451210 Negative -1kV 4mA 4mV ±15V
2482-152210 2482-352210 Positive +2kV 2mA 2mV ±15V
2482-252210 2482-452210 Negative -2kV 2mA 2mV ±15V
2482-153210 2482-353210 Positive +3kV 1.3mA 5mV ±15V
2482-253210 2482-453210 Negative -3kV 1.3mA 5mV ±15V
2482-15L210 2482-35L210 Positive +3.5kV 1.1mA 5mV ±15V
2482-25L210 2482-45L210 Negative -3.5kV 1.1mA 5mV ±15V
2482-X3XXXX As above for ±12V input with 5V control
2482-X8XXXX As above for 24V input with 10V control.
2482-X7XXXX As above for 24V input with 9V control.
Input (±15V types) ±13.5V to ±18V dc. No load current: 50mA at ±15V i/p. Full load current: 330mA at ±12V i/p.
Input (+25V types) +22.5V to +30V dc. No load current: 50mA at +24V i/p. Full load current: 330mA at +24V i/p.
Input (±12V types) ±10.8V to ±15.6V dc. No load current: 50mA at ±12V i/p. Full load current: 330mA at ±12V i/p.
Line Regulation <20ppm over input voltage range.
Load Regulation <20ppm for zero to full load.
Drift (after 1 hour warm up) <15ppm in any 15 minute period, <50ppm in any 8 hour period.
Temperature Coefficient <50ppm / oC at maximum rated output.
Control of the output 0 to +5V, +9V or +10V for 0 to 100% rated output voltage, input Z = 1M.
Safety approved to UL1950 (3.5kV types approval pending at the time of printing).
Reference output (fixed) +5V, 9V or 10V ±0.1%, temp-co 50ppm / oC. Max output current: ±15V types = 2mA; all others = 1mA.
Reference output (variable) 0 to fixed reference output, multi-turn potentiometer.
Voltage monitor 500V types: ratio = 100 :1 ±1%, all others are 1000:1 ±1%. Z= 100k.
Current monitor (option) 0 to +5V for 0 to 100% rated output current, ±5%, source Z = 10k (in place of variable reference, pin 9).
Protection Current limited to 130%. Protected against intermittent flashover to ground
Mechanical Specification
Dimensions (footprint A) 160.27 x 98.55 x 22 mm (6.31” x 3.88” x 0.866”) 3 off mounting holes on 146 & 85.75 centres.
Dimensions (footrint B) 83 x 85 x 22 mm (3.25” x 3.35” x 0.866”), 2 off M3 blind mountings on 67.32 centres.

130g (4.6 oz.) approximately

Input / Control 12 way PCB card edge connector , 0.156” pitch (part number 138F51120479, not supplied).
Output RG-59/U screened cable, 610mm (24”) also available with RG58 or other types to special order.