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Digital Control

Digital Control

High Precision Power Supplies

Digital Control System

Applications:TOF Mass Spectrometers, Electron Microscopes, Electron Guns, Surface Science, X-ray Systems

  • High Stability - Very low temp-co <5ppm/ºC
  • 16 bit monotonic DAC for Voltage Control
  • HP Unipolar & Reversible Modules
  • Very low noise injection
  • Very high noise immunity
  • Optional Optically isolated Data Path
  • Safe Operation
  • Ground loop offsets & noise eliminated
  • 12 Bit Readback of o/p Current, 8 bit Readback of o/p Voltage
  • Ribbon Cable interwiring - easy configuration
  • & reconfiguration
  • Single USB port for up to 64 PSUs

This Digital Interface system uses a proprietary bus structure to provide a very low noise, highly stable control for up to 64 of our Precision High Voltage power supply modules, both unipolar, and reversible, via a single USB port.

A simple ribbon cable connection scheme to a master interface and a 24V power supply enables a safe, flexible, multichannel high voltage system to be quickly and easily configured, and reconfigured, for such applications as Mass Spectrometers, Electron Microscopes, & Surface Science Equipment.

A fibre-optic data path is also available for high voltage isolation, for Electron Gun and Ion Gun applications, where control of a group of power supplies elevated to many kV is easily configured.

Safety is paramount: power is removed from a module, the moment its comms path is broken.

Electrical Specification
Input +24V dc ±10% <1A. 0V input common to HV return and chassis.
DAC 16 bit Monotonic
DAC & Reference Temp-co <5ppm/ oC
Readback 8 bit HV o/p Voltage readback 12 bit HV o/p Current readback
Maximum no of PSUs 64 can be addressed. Note ribbon cable will need additional power connections for >3 PSUs
Mechanical Specification
USB Receiver 100mm X 65mm X 25mm
HP Interface Cards HP - Fits within the envelope of HP Series case
Fibre Optic Relay Module 100mm X 65mm X 25mm