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XL Series

XL Series

50kV to 70kV 100W X-Ray Power Supplies with Floating Heater

XL025, XL030, XL035

  • Bipolar High Voltage Section for 70kV X-Ray Tubes
  • High Voltage Section mounts next to X-Ray tube
  • Heater isolated to 35 kV 5V at 4 Amp
  • Short circuit and flashover proof
  • High efficiency, 24 hour burn in
  • Safety assessed to EN61010-1
  • Beam Current Control, stabilised by filament current.
  • Controlled turn-on. Minimises turn-on stress to tube and filament.
  • Stand-by Heater Current, set by internal potentiometer. 0-100%
  • Maximum Heater Current, set by internal potentiometer. 0-100%
  • Please contact the factory for special versions of this power supply.
  • LED Fault Diagnostics

The XL series is based on the HW, and XF series. It includes a 100W bipolar acceleration supply, and an isolated filament supply whose power is controlled to stabilise the beam current . It is intended to operate an X-ray tube in bipolar mode which minimises the voltage potentials with respect to Ground. The High Voltage section being mounted in the oil tank adjacent to the X-ray tube, eliminates the need for high voltage connectors. Control of the output voltage & current is by external 10 volt analogue control voltages. All units are short circuit proof and use high frequency pulse width modulated switching techniques, in conjunction with a ferrite step-up transformer to control the output voltage.

We manufacture a large number of customized OEM versions of this PSU, and would be pleased to discuss your application with you.

Electrical Specification
Unit Type Output Voltage
Bipolar - +ve & -ve
X-Ray Tube Voltage O/P Ripple Filament
XL025BIP404 3kV to 25kV at 2mA 6kV to 50kV <1% peak to peak 4A @ 4V AC Connected to HV -ve
XL030BIP404 3.5kV to 30kV at 1.6mA 7kV to 60kV
XL035BIP404 4kV to 35kV at 1.4mA 8kV to 70kV
Input Voltage 24 volt d.c. ±10% at 7A.
Negative input terminal common to HV earth return.
HV Line regulation Less than 0.1% for input changes of 1 volt.
Voltage Control 10V analogue signal. Input impedance > 10 kohm.
(0 to +10V gives zero to max kV output ±5%.).
Beam Current Control
(Beam current stabilized)
10V analogue signal. Input impedance > 10 kohm.
(0 to +10V gives 0 to full o/p).

Voltage 0 to +10V represents zero to max kV
(Accuracy ±3%, source resistance 10 kohm.)

Current 0 to +10V represents zero to max o/p current
(Accuracy ±5%, source resistance 10 kohm.)

Filament 0 to +10V represents zero to 4 Amps
(Accuracy ±10%, source resistance 10 kohm.)

Load regulation: Less than 0.1% for load changes from (Measured at maximum voltage).
On/Off Output voltage and filament slow rise to set levels when control pin is low (<1.5V). This also resets the trips.
Overload protection Flashover and short circuit proof.
Trip on over current (both HV & heater turn off) reset by on/off.
Temperature Co-efficient:
300ppm per °C.
Operating Temperature 0°C to +45°C. 70°C over temperature cut out in oil.
Storage Temperatur -35°C to +85°C.
R.F.I. Choke input filter.
Safety Conforms to EN61010-1.
Mechanical Specification
HV In Oil Tank
Low Voltage Plate
Output By three 200mm 60kV cables
Power Input Connector
Molex Sabre Series
PCB Mounted Straight Header: Molex Part no 43160-2102
Mates with Molex Part no 44441-2002 - RS part no 363-9875
Fitted with crimped terminals 43375-1001 - RS part no 364-0055
Control Input Connector Molex 0.1" 10 pin.
Connector Kit Order Code CONNECTORKITXF
LED Status Indication
Unit Enabled Green  
Low KV (<75% of demand) Amber Warning Red Trip
Low ma (<75% of demand) Amber Warning Red Trip
Overcurrent (>110% of Max) Amber Warning Red Trip
Over Temperature   Red Trip