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Alpha IV Series

Alpha IV Series

100W Fast Polarity Switching PSU

4607, 4707

Applications: R+D for Mass spectrometers, Nuclear instrumentation, capillary electrophoresis

  • ±10kV, and ±20kV types
  • Fast solid state polarity switching
  • Remote voltage & current programming
  • High Stability, temp-co < 10ppm / ° C.
  • Voltage & current meters
  • Flashover & short circuit protected

This range of high performance 100W high voltage 19” rack mounting power supplies has been specifically designed for applications where a remotely switchable polarity is required. This versatile high voltage power supply employs solid state switching techniques allowing for fast polarity reversal whilst maintaining excellent line and load regulation. These supplies are designed to operate from a standard AC supply (90V to 264) and provide an accurately controlled high voltage output. The use of high stability components within the feedback system ensures a low temperature coefficient and good long & short term drift making the Alpha IV series ideal for use in test and research applications in such fields as mass spectrometry, surface science and nuclear equipment. The output voltage may be controlled from 50V to maximum (10 or 20kV) of either polarity by means of front panel controls or USB interface (if fitted).

Electrical Specification
Unit Type Output Voltage Output Current Ripple (pk-pk) Temp-Co ( / degC)
4607-10-00 ±10kV 10mA 100ppm 10ppm
4707-10-00 ±20kV 5mA 100ppm 10ppm
4607-25-00 ±10kV 10mA 100ppm 25ppm
4707-25-00 ±20kV 5mA 100ppm 25ppm
4X07/XX-04 As above with USB interface fitted
Input 90V to 264V AC, true wide range input, 47 to 63Hz, 200VA approximately.
Output, Voltage / Current / Ripple. See table above.
Line Regulation <10ppm for a 10% change in input voltage.
Load Regulation <20ppm for zero to full load.
Drift (after 1 hour warm up) <50ppm (typ) over 1 hour period, <200ppm (typ) over an 8 hour period.
Temperature Co-efficient See above table
Output Control Local, 2 off 10 turn potentiometer for current & voltage. Remote, analogue or digital (USB) interface.
Output Slew Rate Limit Internally limited to 40V / 1mS (faster rate available to special order).
Output Monitoring Direct reading LCD displays, (voltage 4½, current 3½ digit) or via the analogue interface (accuracy: voltage ±1%, current ±2%) or via the USB interface if fitted.
Protection Protected against overload, short circuit and intermittent flashover.
Mechanical Specification
Dimensions 2U x 19” rack (482 x 88.6 x 406 mm)
Weight 10kg (22 lb) approximately
AC Input CEE22 male connector, fuses and RFI filter. A 2m long 3 core mains lead with plug is supplied.
Input / Output 25 way “D” connector, male pins, see user manual for pin assignments.
Output Rear mounted “GES” connector. Plug type HS30T and 2m screened UL3239 30kV cable supplied.
USB (if fitted) All –04 types are fitted with 2 RJ45 sockets for bus connection, 071 bus driver (supplied) has USB socket.