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HP Series

Precision High Voltage Modules

HP0.5, HP001, HP2.5, HP005, HP010, HP015, HP020, HP030

Applications: Photomultiplier tubes, Mass spectrometers, Electron microscopes, Nuclear instruments, Microchannel plates

  • 0.5kV, 1kV, 2.5kV, 5kV, 10kV, 15kV, 20kV & 30kV
  • High Stability, Low Ripple
  • High frequency FET oscillator
  • Externally programmable or Internal control (option)
  • Short circuit and flashover proof
  • 24 hour burn in
  • Low radiated magnetic field
  • Positive, negative & remote reversible versions

This range of precision high voltage modules has outputs that provide a low ripple, high stability source of high voltage for photomultiplier tubes, electron gun, nuclear and other applications. Control of the output voltage is by internal potentiometer or by an external 10 volt analogue control voltage. The units are pin compatible with the medium stability KS and 100 watt HW ranges.

All units are short circuit proof and use proven linear regulator techniques to drive a high frequency FET oscillator and ferrite high voltage step-up transformer. The power supplies are constructed from conservatively rated components with the reliability further enhanced by information gained over many years of field operation.

Positive, negative, and electrically reversible outputs are available at voltages from 1kV to 30kV. The reversible HPR version has a latched output and can only be changed when the output is set to zero. Please see the HPZ range for zero crossing reversible (bi-polar) units.

We manufacture a large number of special versions of these units and would be pleased to discuss your application with you.

cruusThe unipolar HP Series is now UL recognised (Certificate No 071105-E254121): HP001P and HP001N, HP2.5P, HP2.5N, HP005P, HP005N, HP020P, HP020N, HP030P and HP030N.

Electrical Specification
Unit Type Polarity Output Ripple At Full Load Size(mm)
HP0.5PAA025 POSITIVE 10 volts to 500V at 20mA 20mV peak to peak 148x98x47
HP001PAA025 POSITIVE 10 volts to 1kV at 10mA 10mV peak to peak 148x98x47
HP2.5PAA025 POSITIVE 10 volts to 2.5kV at 4mA 10mV peak to peak 148x98x47
HP005PAA025 POSITIVE 10volts to 5kV at 2mA 20mV peak to peak 148x98x47
HP010PAA025 POSITIVE 20 volts to 10kV at 1mA 50mV peak to peak 200x98x47
HP015PAA025 POSITIVE 30 volts to 15kV at 0.66mA 100mV peak to peak 200x98x47
HP020PAA025 POSITIVE 50 volts to 20kV at 0.4mA 200mV peak to peak 210x120x60
HP030PAA025 POSITIVE 100 volts to 30kV at 0.25mA 300mV peak to peak 210x120x60
Input Voltage +24 volt d.c. +10% at less than 1A. Negative input terminal common to HV earth return.
Output Voltage See table above.
Line Regulation Less than 10ppm of maximum voltage for input changes of 1 volt. (<100ppm for HP0.5)
Load Regulation Less than 10ppm for load changes from 100uA to maximum. (Measured at maximum voltage).(<100ppm for HP0.5)
Overload Protection Flashover and short circuit proof. Re-entrant current limit.
Temperature Co-Efficient 25ppm/ °C or better.
Drift Typically 0.01% per hour, Measured at constant input voltage, load current & load current & ambient temperature after 1 hour warm up.
Control 10V analogue signal. (0 to +10V gives zero to maximum output, tolerance ±2%). Input impedance >100Kohm. OPTIONAL - INTERNAL or EXTERNAL potentiometer control.
Readout Voltage monitor: 0 to +10V represents zero to maximum output, tolerance ±2% (Source resistance 10k).
Stack Return - Current monitor: Option available on all units. Note: simple stack return current monitor includes the internally used feedback current.
Precision Current monitor: Option available on all unipolar units, HP020R, and HP030R. Functionality Code 'IP' 0-10V represents zero to maximum output, tolerance ±2%, Offset ±0.1% of FS.
Note - Precision current monitor removes internally used feedback current, buffers and scales the output.
Operating Temperature 0 °C to +50 °C
Storage Temperature -35°C to +85°C
R.F.I. Steel case for low radiated magnetic field.
Synchronisation Oscillator frequency can be locked to a suitable external frequency.
Mechanical Specification
Fixings HP001P & N, HP2.5P & N, HP005P & N, HP010P & N, HP015P & N have M4 studs.
Output By 1.0 meter screened cable (Unipolar HP series 15kV and below 0.5M). N.B. Reducing the cable length may increase the ripple voltage.
INPUT CONNECTOR Molex 10 pin, mating connector supplied.
Order Code:
series code HP
o/p KV Polarity Options Code Temp Co
0.2 = 200V P= +ve
N= -ve
AA = No options
IS = Stack Return Current Monitor
IP = Precision Current Monitor
PR = Pot & Reference fitted
PS = Stack Return Imon + Pot & Reference
PP = Precision Current Monitor + Pot Reference
eg. +10kV HP series with Stack Return Current Monitor and Pot & Reference fitted : HP010PPS025