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KS Series

General Purpose High Voltage Modules

KS005P, KS0055N, KS010P, KS010N, KS020P, KS020N, KS030P & KS030N

Applications: Monitor CRT, Lens voltages, Focus and high voltage bias, Ion pumps, Image intensifiers

  • 5kV, 10kV, 20kV & 30kV
  • High frequency switch mode
  • Internal control or externally programmable
  • Short circuit and flashover proof
  • 24 hour burn in
  • General purpose

These stabilised miniature power supplies are available in either positive or negative polarity at output voltages of 5kV, 10kV, 20kV and 30kV. They are intended for cathode ray tube and general purpose applications and the output voltage can be controlled by internal or external potentiometers or by and external 10 volt analogue control voltage. The units are pin compatible with the high precision HP series and the 100Watt HW series of power supplies.

All units are short circuit proof and use high frequency switching techniques, in conjunction with a ferrite step-up transformer to control the output. All high voltage components are vacuum encapsultaed in silicon rubber.

Please contact us to discuss special versions of these units.

cruusThe KS Series is now UL recognised (E254121).

Electrical Specification
Unit Type Polarity Output Ripple At Full Load
KS005PAA300 POSITIVE 50 volts to 5kV at 1mA <0.02% peak to peak
KS010PAA300 POSITIVE 100 volts to 10kV at 0.5mA <0.02% peak to peak
KS020PAA300 POSITIVE 250 volts to 20kV at 0.2mA <0.02% peak to peak
KS030PAA300 POSITIVE 500 volts to 30kV at 0.1mA <0.02% peak to peak
Input Voltage +24 volt d.c. ±10% at less than 0.5A. Negative input terminal common to HV earth return.
Output Voltage See separate table.
Line Regulation Less than 0.1% for input changes of 1 volt.
Load Regulation Less than 0.1% for load changes from 10% to full load. (Measured at maximum voltage).
Overload Protection Flashover and short circuit proof.
Temperature Co-efficient 300ppm/ °C or better.
  • INTERNAL potentiometer
  • EXTERNAL potentiometer
  • 10V analogue signal. (0 to +10V gives zero to maximum output, tolerance ±2%). Input impedance nominally
Readout Voltage monitor: 0 to +10V represents zero to maximum output, tolerance ±3%, (source resistance 10 kohm).
Current monitor: (Stack return type) Optional on all units.
Operating Temperature 0 °C to +45°C
Storage Temperature -35°C to +85°C
R.F.I. Choke input filter. Steel case for low radiated magnetic field.
Safety Complies with EN61010 Part1.
Mechanical Specification
Size All units 115 x 98 x 47mm
Output By 0.5 metre of URM43 screened (shielded) cable (KS030P & N by 0.7 metre of TV30)
Fixings M3 clearance holes. Bracket AK20035 available for end mounting.
Weight 0.65g
Input Connector Molex 10 pin, mating connector supplied.
Order Code
Series Code KS
o/p KV Polarity Options Code Temp Co
005=5kV P = +ve
N = -ve
AA = No options
IS = Stack Return Current Monitor
eg. +10kV KS series with Stack Return Current Monitor: KS010PIS300