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SC Series

Fast Polarity Switching High Voltage Modules

SC005 & SC008

Application: Mass spectrometer Electro Spray Ionization & Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization source

  • Constant voltage ESI: ±5kV or ±8kV types @ 500μA / 300μA & 2μA for nano spray applications
  • Tru-Current™ APCI: <2μA to ±50μA with adjustable compliance voltage
  • Fast polarity switching within 10mS or 50mS types (limited by load capacitance & V/ I range)
  • True zero volt crossing
  • Short circuit and flashover proof, Fully screened metal case for good EMI immunity
Electrical Specification
Unit Type Mode(s) Output voltage & current range Changeover time
SC005RCV050 Constant voltage 0 to ±5kV at ±500μA <50mS
SC008RCV050 Constant voltage 0 to ±8kV at ±500μA <50mS
SC008RCV050-10 Constant voltage 0 to ±8kV at ±2μA (Nano amp current monitor*) <50mS
SC008RCC050 Constant current 0 to ±50μA at ±8kV compliance (variable) <50mS
SC005RCD050 Constant current & voltage 0 to ±50μA / ±500μA at 0 to ±5kV <50mS
SC008RCD050 Constant current & voltage 0 to ±50μA / ±300μA at 0 to ±8kV <50mS
SC00xRCx010 - As above for 10mS equivalents <10mS
Input +24 volt dc ±10% <1A. 0V input common to HV return and chassis.
Output, Voltage / Current See table above.
Ripple <0.1% p/p
Line Regulation <300ppm of rated output for ±10% input change.
Load Regulation <0.5% at rated output.
Temperature Co-Efficient <100ppm/oC at rated output
Drift (after 1 hour warm up) 100ppm per hour, 200ppm per 8 hours.
Control: V for CV and C for CC option 0 to +5V analogue input for rated negative or positive output, accuracy ±2%, Zin 100K.
Compliance input: Current for CV option,
Voltage for CC option
0 to +5V analogue input for rated output, accuracy ±2%, Zin 100K. User accessible preset
potentiometer, 0 to +5.1V available (pin 3).
Mode input (RCD types): TTL: Hi = constant voltage, Lo = constant current, internal +5V pull up.
Voltage & Current monitors: 0 to +5V (*10V for nA types) for rated negative or positive output, accuracy ±2%, Zout 10K.
Polarity input TTL: Hi = +ve, Lo = -ve, internal +5V pull up.
Safety Conforms to EN61010-1:2001 (stored charge is <45uC).
Mechanical Specification
Dimensions 146 x 133 x 48 mm (5.75” x 5.25” x 1.9”)
Weight 1200g (2.6 lb) approx
Mountings 6 off blind M3 bushes
Input & Control 15 way “D” connector
Output (Un-terminated cable) CV only types: 0.75m of coaxial cable. CC and nano amp monitor types 0.75m of triaxial cable.
Environmental Specification
Operating temperature range +10 to 45°C indoor use only
Storage temperature range -10 to +75°C
Operating altitude 2000m
Storage altitude 1800m
Operating humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31°C, decreases linearly to 50% RH at 40°C
Storage humidity <95% RH non-condensing
Pollution Pollution categories II