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HW Series

100W High Voltage Modules

HW001, HW2.5, HW005, HW010, HW020, HW030, HW040 & HW050

Applications: Lasers, Capacitor charging, Ion Pumps, X-Ray, Ion Implantation, Magnetrons

  • 1kV, 2.5kV, 5kV, 10kV, 20kV, 30kV, 40kV & 50kV
  • High frequency switch mode control
  • Internal control or externally programmable
  • Short circuit and flashover proof
  • 24 hour burn in
  • Safety assessed to EN61010-1

The HW series of high voltage modules covers the range from 1kV to 50kV giving 100Watts of output power. Control of the output voltage is by internal potentiometer or by external potentiometer or by an external 10 volt analogue control voltage. Pins 1 to 10 of the 12 pin Molex input connector are pin compatible with both the high precision HP series and the general purpose KS series.

All units are short circuit proof and use high frequency switching techniques, in conjunction with a ferrite step-up transformer to control the output. The units operate from a 24V input and have an efficiency of around 80%.

O/P Current Control is now available as Constant Current Option

Please contact us to discuss special versions of these units.

Electrical Specification
Unit Type Polarity Output Ripple At Full Load
HW001P POSITIVE 50 volts to 1kV at 100mA <0.1% peak to peak
HW2.5P POSITIVE 100 volts to 2.5kV at 40mA <0.1% peak to peak
HW005P POSITIVE 250 volts to 5kV at 20mA <0.1% peak to peak
HW010P POSITIVE 500 volts to 10kV at 10mA <0.1% peak to peak
HW020P POSITIVE 1kV to 20kV at 5mA <0.1% peak to peak
HW030P POSITIVE 1.5kV to 30kV at 3mA <0.1% peak to peak
HW040P POSITIVE 2kV to 40kV at 2.5mA <0.5% peak to peak
(measured with 200pf load capacitance)
HW050P POSITIVE 3kV to 50kV at 2mA
Input Voltage +24 volt d.c. ± 10% at 6A. Negative input terminal common to HV earth return.
Output Voltage See separate table.
Line Regulation Less than 0.1% for input changes of 1 volt.
Load Regulation Less than 0.1% for load changes from 10% to maximum. (Measured at maximum voltage).
Overload Protection Flashover and short circuit proof. Trip on over current, reset by on/off.
Temperature Co-Efficient 300ppm/ °C or better. (Consult factory for temperature coefficients)
  • INTERNAL potentiometer
  • EXTERNAL potentiometer
  • 10V analogue signal. (0 to impedance nominally 200Kohm.
Readout Voltage monitor 0 to +10V represents zero to maximum output, tolerance ±3% (source resistance
Current monitor (option) 0 to +10V ±7% represents zero to maximum current (source resistance 10 kohm) NB. Current monitor (supplied as standard) includes the internal feedback current of about 100uA. Precision I monitor (available as an option) removes this current to give a true reading of load current.
Operating Temperature +10°C to +50 °C
Storage Temperature -35°C to +85°C
R.F.I. Choke input filter.  Steel case for low radiated magnetic field.
Safety Complies with EN61010 Part1.
Mechanical Specification
Size All units 230 x 135 x 60mm (except HW040 & HW050 size 280 x 135 x 60mm )
Output By 0.5 metre of screened cable (1 metre on HW030, HW040 & HW050). N.B. Reducing the cable length may increase the ripple voltage.
Weight 1.5kg.
Input Connector Molex 12 pin (mating connector supplied).
Order Code
Series Code HW
o/p Voltage Polarity Options Code Temp Co
001 = 1kV P = +ve
N = -ve
IS = Stack return Imon
IP = Precision Imon,
CP = Constant Current o/p Control (+ Precision Imon)
300 = <300ppm/°C
eg. HW010PIS300 is a +10kV HW unit with Stack Return current monitor
Current Monitor On Hw Units
There are two current monitor options available for the HW series.

Stack Return Current Monitor

Simple lower cost Current Monitor: Current is measured between pin 11 and pin 9 (0 volt)

The current measured includes internal feedback currents used to control the unit. These currents, which are proportional to the output voltage, are 100uA on the HW series.

Load current Measured current I monitor current
0 mA 100 uA HW series at full voltage
0 mA 50 uA HW series at half voltage
1 mA 1.1 mA HW series at full voltage
2 mA 2.05 mA HW series at half voltage

Precision Current Monitor

The current monitor output is 0 to +10V represents 0 to true maximum current.
o/p impedance = 10kohms