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MP Series

Miniature High Voltage Modules to 3kV

MP001, MP2.5, MP003

Applications: Photomultiplier tubes, Lens & bias supplies, Test Equipment

  • 2W programmable o/p Voltage
  • Size 80mm x 55mm x 20mm (1kV)
  • High stability, low ripple
  • High frequency switch mode
  • Short circuit and flashover proof
  • 0-10 volt programming
  • 24 hour burn in

This range of power supplies are a miniature version of the HP family giving up to are intended to be mounted on a printed circuit board and offer high stability together with low drift. They use high frequency pulse width modulated switching techniques in conjunction with a ferrite step-up transformer to control the output voltage.

Applications include powering photomultiplier tubes, and electron multipliers in scientific and other instruments.

We manufacture a number of special versions of these units and would be pleased to discuss your volume application with you.

Electrical Specification
Unit Type Polarity Output Ripple At Full Load
MP001P POSITIVE +50 volts to +1kV at 2mA 50mV peak to peak
MP001N NEGATIVE -50 volts to -1kV at 2mA 50mV peak to peak
MP2.5P POSITIVE +100 volts to +2.5kV at 1mA 125mV peak to peak
MP2.5N NEGATIVE -100 volts to -2.5kV at 1mA 125mV peak to peak
MP003P POSITIVE +125 volts to +3kV at 0.7mA 150mV peak to peak
MP003N NEGATIVE -125 volts to -3kV at 0.7mA 150mV peak to peak
Input Voltage +24 volt d.c. ±10% at 0.25amp maximum.
Control By 0 to +10V to give 0 to Full O/p Voltage ±5%
Line Regulation Better than 100ppm for 1V change in input voltage.
Load Regulation Better than 100ppm for 0 to full load.
Ripple Better than 50ppm peak to peak (measured at maximum voltage and current).
Temperature Co Efficient Typically <200ppm/ °C. Tighter versions available.
Operating Temperature 0 °C to +50 °C
Storage Temperature -35 °C to +85 °C
R.F.I. Choke input filter
Mechanical Specification
Size 80mm x 55mm x 20mm. - MP001
Output Pins for 1kV, o/p by flying lead for units >1kV.
Order Code
series code MP
o/p KV Polarity Options Code Temp Co
001=1kV P = +ve
N = -ve
AA = No options
AV = Voltage Monitor Fitted
eg. -1kV MP series with Voltage Monitor Option fitted : MP001NAV200