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MS005 Series

5x5 MS005MAAxxx

  • Beam Steering in electron guns
  • Mass spectrometers
  • Surface science instruments

The 5x5 MS005MAA provides 5 separately controlled 0 to 5kV outputs, at up to 300mA. Each one can be configured by the factory as positive or negative (combinations of polarity are possible e.g. 3 positive and 2 negative). Each channel is controlled by its own 0 to +10V control signal, and each has its own 0 to +10V monitor output. The module is powered from 24V DC, and draws 2 Amps fully loaded.

Electrical Specification
Input voltages 24 volt d.c. ±5% at 2A. Negative input terminal common to HV earth return.
Output Voltage 1 20V to 5kV at 300uA.
Output Voltage 2 to 5 As output 1. All outputs are individually controlled.
Polarity Each channnel can be factory set either positive or negative (combinations such as 3 positive & 2 negative are possible).
Please note the following applies to each of the 5 outputs
Controls (5 separate) 0 to +10V gives 0 to 5kV.
Voltage monitors 0 to +10V represents 0 to 5 kV (all 5 outputs).
Source resistance 10 kohm.
Ripple Less than 150mV peak to peak on each output.
Line regulation Less than 50ppm for 1V change in input.
Load regulation Less than 50ppm.
Output Tolerance Better than 2% of control voltage.
Temperature coefficient Better than 200ppm per °C.
Operating temperature 0 °C to +45 °C.
Mechanical Specification
Size: 216 x 155 x 52mm
Output cables By flying leads. Each cable 0.5 metre of URM43
Input connector Molex 6 way & 12 way connectors.
Ordering Information State unit type MS005MAA and polarity mixture
e.g. MS005MAA302 (3 positive and 2 negative)