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Return Materials Authorization RMA form for returning a unit for repair

  • Please fill out the following form before sending a unit for repair, this way we will be able to serve you better and quicker
  • Please use a new form for each additional unit, do not group additional units onto the one form
  • After clicking on "Request RMA number" we will receive your details. Our support staff will then send you an email to the address completed below containing the RMA number
  • Upon receipt of your RMA number, please return the unit directly to the factory by courier such as Fedex or UPS, to:
  • Applied Kilovolts Ltd, Woods Way, Goring by Sea, West Sussex, BN12 4QY, UK
  • Please use the original packaging or appropriate packaging for the weight of units being returned, in order to prevent further damage
  • Please mark the RMA number clearly on 3 sides of the box



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